Westinghouse Cyclic Fridge Thermostat p/n 5306108A, 1409448, 5371269

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Westinghouse Cyclic Fridge Thermostat p/n 5306108A, 1409448, 5371269

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This is a replacement cyclic fridge thermostat  that suits  Westinghouse,Hoover cyclic defrost fridges.

It also suits most two door & single door cyclic defrost fridges.

Please note this thermostat doesn’t fit a frost free fridge!


Part Number:RF130, Westinghouse 5306108A, 5371269, 5371269C, 1409448. DR100B, RF056D,

Suits Models: C220,C350,C520,C350T, C500V , CS390C, CS390XA*06.ASM139, EEP130, RCD139, RCE139. RCH139, RE281T, RE281V, RE281W, RP423F, N387, N388, N466, N476, N486, N493, N496, N508, N509, N518, N519, N568, N577, N578, N579, N580, N588, N676, N686, N693, N694, N769, N976, N993, 340CR3, 380CH3, 480CG3,  C340YC, C340ZC, CS334T, FK29A, FK29B, FK38BC300C,  CS330D, CB220A, CB220C, CB220D, C220DNZ, CB380C, CB380D, CB400C, CB400D, CB410T, CB413A, CB413T, CB413Z, CB414T, CS330D, CS330DN, CS330F, CS330FNZ, CS330H, CS330HNZ, CS390B, CS390D, CS390DF, CS390F, CS390H, CS390HNZ cyclic defrost two door refrigerators, & Westinghouse RP252S-R, RB271BM, RB271K, RB271Q, RB271BQ, RB271S, RB271BS, RP342K, RP342SM, RE311K, RE311Q, RE311QWZ, RE351K, RE351Q, RE391K, RE391Q, RE391T, RP391S, RB411K, RB411Q, RB411BQ, RE441K, RE441Q, RE441S, RB421S, RB421BS, RP423BM, RP423BQ, RP423G, RP423K, RP423M, RP423Q, RP423T, RB501, RB501K, RB501Q, RE521K, RE521Q, RE521S, RE521T, RB271M-L*1, RB411M-R*1 ,To Suit models: C400DR CS330H C300C C300D C300H C300HNZ C302C C302D C302F C304D C350BD C350D C360F C360F*03 C360H C400D C410F C410H C460F C500D C520F C520F*08 CB220C CB220D CB380D CB400D CS330D CS330DN CS330F*01 CS330F*10 CS330FNS*10 CS330H CS390D CS390F CS390F*01 CS390F*04 CS390F*10 CS390BFNZ*04 CS390BFNZ*10 CS390FNZ*10 CS390H C520F-R Westinghouse: RB501G RE391M-R RE311M-R RB271BQ RB271BS RB271BM RB271K*6 RB271M*1 RB271M*2 RB271S RB271Q RB411BQ RB411K*6 RB411M RB411Q RB421BS RB421S RB501K*6 RB501M RB501Q RE311K*6 RE311M RE311Q RE351K*6 RE351M RE351Q RE391K*6 RE391M RE391Q RE391S RE441K*6 RE441M RE441Q RE441S RE521K*6 RE521M RE521Q RE521M RE521S RP421BS RP423BQ RP423K*6 RP423M RP423M*01


To find out whether it is suitable, feel free to contact us.

Safety Warning: We advise that all fixed wiring for electrical installations should only be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.

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