Westinghouse Electrolux Kelvinator Fridge Compressor Start Relay 1420853 0509

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Westinghouse Electrolux Kelvinator Fridge Compressor Start Relay 1420853

PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: 1420853, 1443935,1425208, 1448839,

This solid state relay suits many Embraco & Tecumseh compressors in the 1/4 – 1/3 HP range.Eliminates start winding overheating.Four 6.4mm spade terminals and two connections to compressor.
Suits many fridges including Westinghouse, Hoover,Kelvinator and Fisher and Paykel + more!!!! MOST COMMONLY USED!!!!!

Suits Westinghouse Models:
RJ412K*6, RJ442K*6 RJ522K*6 RJ532S, RJ442G, RJ412G, RJ445G, RJ456T, RJ522G, RJ525G, RJ533S BJ505 NB400 BJ415 RJ453S RJ422 RJ425, RJ533S*06, RJ532T RJ453SRJ412M RJ442M RJ522M RJ533T RJ442Q RJ536T RJ412

BJ414K*6 BJ415K*6 BJ503, BJ503T,BJ504T BJ423S*06 BJ415Q BJ414M
BJ415M BJ503S*06 BJ505T BJ414Q BJ506T BJ5O6T BJ385T

RP423Q RE391S RE521S RP423T RE521T RE311M RE351M RE391M RE441M RE521M RE391T RB501K RE391Q RB501M RP423M*01

FJ302V FJ362V FJ383K FJ303T FR302SM FR393M FJ303SM FR302K*6 FR393K*6

Electrolux Models: RS642 RS643 RS631

Kelvinator Models:
N300F N360F N410F N520F NB380 N630 N640 N360H N360SH N410H N410SH N520H N520SH N360F N360F*02 N410F N410F*02 N520F N520F*02 N360SF N410SF N520SF N520SF*08 N350D N400D N500BD NB400H N300H N300D N300F*11
FN360H FN360HNZ FN360H*07 FN360HNZ*07 FN360F*07 FN360FNZ*07 FN360F*10 FN360FNZ*10 FN360J FN300J FN300D*O1 FN291F FN291F*06 FN291C FN360C F360D F360D*01
C360F C360F*03 C410F C520F C520F*08 C360H C410H C520H C360H*04 C410H*06 C520H*05 CS390F CS390F*01 CS390F*04 CS390F*10 C350D C400D C500D C35OBD C350BD CS390H CS3305 CS390D C302F C27VM C29TC C30SC C37SC C37SP C37TC C37TCE C38TF C40UC C41TC C41TF C48TC C48TF C350C C400C C500C CB380D CB400D

Hoover Models:
D37TCE D38TF D41TF D48TF D29TC D37TC H500H FN300H FN300D CS330C N350C N400C N500C H500H-XNZ NB380D NB400D RB421S RP423M A27SVL A29TC A30SC A31SVL A37SC A37SP A37TC A40UC A41TC A41TF A48TC A48TF FJ303Q H500D CS330F*10 CS330FNZ*10 QF300D 97732000 97832000 98732000 98832000 FJ303K*6

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