BOSCH Washing machine DRAIN PUMP Front Loader 144978 141896 142040 0017

$19.95 $18.95


This is a Replacement Pump that suits Bosch Front load washing machines.

It has 3 twist on lugs. 220-240V 50Hz 30W 0.2A CL.F 20L/Min.

Part Number:144978 141896 142040

Bosch WAA, WAE, WAS, WFC, WFL, WFO, WFX Series washing machine pump.

Suits Models:

WFB1602GB/33 WFB2405GB/36 WFD2060GB/01 WFD2473GB/08 WFB1602GB/36 WFB4001GB/01 WFD2060GB/60 WFL100GB/12 WFB1605GB/36 WFB4001GB/02 WFD2061GB/01 WFL120GB/12 WFB2002GB/33 WFB4002GB/01 WFD2070GB/01 WFL2000GB/01 WFB2002GB/36 WFB4002GB/02 WFD2071GB/05 WFL2060GB/04 WFB2004GB/33 WFB4800GB/01 WFD2072GB/05 WFL2060GB/12 WFB2004GB/36 WFB4800GB/02 WFD2073GB/05 WFL2062GB/12 WFB2005GB/33 WFC2060GB/01 WFD2460GB/01 WFL2066GB/01 WFB2005GB/36 WFC2060GB/05 WFD2471GB/08 WFL2066GB/06 WFB2405GB/33 WFC2465GB/01 WFD2473GB/01 WFL2066GB/08WFL2260GB/01 WFL2462GB/12 WFO2464GB/01 WFR3267GB/04 WFL2260UK/01 WFL2463GB/12 WFO2860GB/01 WVF2000GB/33 WFL2260UK/04 WFL246KGB/04 WFO2864GB/01 WVF2000GB/34 WFL226LGB/01 WFL2860GB/01 WFO2867GB/15 WVF2000GB/36 WFL226LGB/04 WFL2872GB/05 WFR2460GB/01 WVF2400GB/34 WFL2450GB/01 WFO2064GB/01 WFR2466GB/01 WVF2401GB/01 WFL2450GB/04 WFO2260GB/01 WFR2860GB/01 WVF2402GB/02 WFL2450UK/12 WFO2264GB/01 WFR2866GB/01 WVF240SGB/01 WFL245SGB/04 WFO2460GB/01Aqua star 1400 elect wfl147anl01, aqua 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